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Personal Trainer | Fitness Entrepreneur | Dad

I didn’t know it at the time but my health and fitness journey started when I nearly died in a car accident when I was just 24 years old. The driver of a Lamborghini lost control and hit a tree (I was the passenger).

I broke and dislocated my neck and I had an operation to fuse vertebrae c3/c4 in my neck with a metal plate and pins. I was very close to being paralysed or actually losing my life.

During my 2 year recovery I put on a lot of weight and became very depressed. I was not in a good place. I was on anti-depressants, it was dark.

One day I saw myself on the TV and I didn’t recognise myself. That’s when I knew something had to be done. I tried lots of different fad diets, but couldn’t find anything that actually worked long term.

Then one day to my surprise my fiancée left me and I became a full time single Dad to my two daughters...

With so much going on I had a nervous break down, which turned out to become the catalyst that changed my life. I decided from that moment to focus on my health and fitness to become the best version of my self, for my daughters. I would never have believe the journey that was about to unfold...

I focussed entirely on living a much more healthy lifestyle to constantly improve myself and I am proud to say that it worked and I’m now in the fortunate position to have helped thousands of people as a personal trainer running a successful fitness boot camp in West Sussex, England.

I have completely transformed my body, I lost 5.7 stone (36kgs/80lbs) and I am on a fitness mission to get in the best shape I possibly can to inspire others.

I have a goal to help over 1 million people to enjoy fitness and to chose to live a healthier lifestyle and by making some big moves in this industry I am confident I will achieve that.

My life’s been a tough one. From losing everything and having to start again while bringing up two young daughters on my own, it hasn’t been easy. The odds have certainly been stacked against me but since transforming my body, I have totally changed my mindset and I have gone on to not only become a qualified personal trainer but to run a successful fitness business that has genuinely impacted thousands of peoples lives.

I am super proud of that...

Boot Camp At Tulleys

After I qualified as a personal trainer, I started a fitness boot camp at Tulleys Farm Boot Camp At Tulleys in West Sussex in May 2019 with just 5 people and it grew really fast.

Within a year we had over 100 people through in a day day and in 2019 alone it saw over 1700 individuals enjoy what had been created. It’s the most fantastic experience and now I have replicated that online through Ben’s online boot camp so that I can reach people further than just West Sussex.

You can book your online sessions here: Ben’s Online Boot Camp for the sessions at Tulleys Farm please go here: Boot Camp At Tulleys

I am proud to say that we are now sponsored by Decathlon and The British Heart Foundation.

To find out more about my boot camp you can check out my Facebook page or my Instagram. To book your session go to: BootCampAtTulleys.com

Boot Camp At Tulleys

The Game Changer Book

Amazon Amazon Kindle iBooks

Escape the Life Trap BOOK

Amazon Amazon Kindle iBooks

I learned a lot while helping thousands of clients on their fitness journeys and I wrote a boot called The Game Changer about my personal experiences transforming my body and from what I learned helping clients to transform theirs. It works, and I swear it’s the last nutrition plan you will ever need, because it’s just about eating what we are designed to eat...

The book is about nutrition and success mindset and it’s available in paperback via myself directly here or as an e-copy on Kindle and iBooks – the book is supported by my app (iOS and Android) where we have recipes, nutritional forums and share success stories to help each other stay accountable.

I am proud to say that my book is directly helping thousands of people to not only transform their bodies but to become more confident and achieve success with their goals.

The reason why my nutrition plan is so successful is because it’s nothing to do with ‘fad’ diets, it’s all about eating real food, the way we are designed to eat it. It’s 100% sustainable and I have been eating this way ever since I started and it’s so powerful. You will have more energy and you’ll feel so much better from the inside out...

My book is approved by nutritionists and backed by science, it’s the last nutrition plan you will ever need because it’s just, essentially how we are designed to eat and you can get the food you need from anywhere.

Grab your copy in paperback or as an e-copy on Kindle or iBooks

After launching the app, I released my second book Escape The Life Trap – The guide to becoming the ultimate version of yourself – which is a personal development book all about how you you can achieve success in anything you want to do. It’s all about helping you to make the most out of your life and discover what’s truly important to you based on leveraging my near death experience as a catalyst to make you realise that life is short and you must make the most of it.

This is a book about helping you to become more confident, more outgoing with some life-lessons that you simply don’t want to miss. I have learned a lot about life and I share exactly what has helped me to become happy again and that’s why I wanted to write this book, to help others to become the very best version of themselves and to become HAPPY...

Essentially it’s the kick up the backside I think many people need to truly achieve what they want out of life, before it’s too late.

This book is available in paperback here or as an e-copy via Kindle and iBooks.

The Boot Camper Live Online Boot Camps

After the corona virus outbreak, I decided to take my boot camps online to help people with their health and fitness goals and the boot camps have gone from strength to strength opening us up to more members due to the fact that we are online and can help anyone from anywhere in the world.

Join us, it’s a fantastic workout and I will push you and help you with your form via Zoom (a two way video calling platform for groups).

This is the ultimate way to get fit, from home...

Book online at: BensOnlineBootCamp.com we have morning, evening and weekend sessions.
The Boot Camper

So in the past 2 years I have been pretty busy...!

I look forward to hearing of your success with what I have created and thanks for taking the time to find out more.

If you have any questions please do reach out to me via social media or through my app...

Life’s short, live well.


P.S I am not like most personal trainers. I have been there, I know what the struggle is like and I have proven it can be done but there is a way to do it so that it’s sustainable.

Join me and you will find out exactly how. I’ve got your back every step of the way.

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